Message from Chairman



Assalammualaikum and Greetings,

Kuari Batu Emas Group of Companies is one of the leading Bumiputera companies in the field of quarrying and offers services in the management of mining activities in Perak. Provision of products and high quality services are our top priority at our company.

In our increasingly challenging economic situation, our company is ready to organize a more robust business strategy to address any potentiality that will come in the future.

In line with the development of technology and rapid communication of information as well, our company has embarked on to change its phase in the management of the company through stages. At the same time, we are confident and trust that with the improvement in the productivity and services that are offered will also increase in value and stimulate the development of the company.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Board of Directors for their commitment and support given. This message of appreciation I also extend to the management and staff of the company that has always had the passion and dedication in achieving our company’s goals.


Executive Chairman