Group Profile


Hedd (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd leads the “Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI).” Hedd (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was incorporated on July 1988, as a trading company to undertake the quarrying activities. Today, Hedd (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has become an investing company to Kuari Batu Emas Sdn Bhd Group of Companies


Kuari Batu Emas Sdn. Bhd was established in October 2007 and is solely owned by Hedd (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. The company takes responsibility on all human resources activities in the Kuari Batu Emas Group of Companies.


Batu Kawan Baik Sdn. Bhd was incorporated on June 2004 and acts as a marketing company. This company is one of the subsidiary companies to Hedd (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. This company markets all quarry products like marble, stone aggregate, crusher run, calcium carbonate (cc powder), calcium oxide (quicklime) and hydrated lime



Smart Aladdin Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in September 2006. The company is providing a project management consultation to Rahman Hydraulic Sdn Bhd. This company also specialize in planning, identifying, exploring, preserving, developing and upgrading assets. it also provides management services relating to administration business, commerce and industry.


Hedd Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in the month of July 2001. The company was elected as the Project Management Consultant to Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn Bhd. RHT is a company that became the leading tin producer in Malaysia.

Since November 2004, RHT had been taken over by Malaysian Smelting Corporation (MSC) which is one of the world’s leading integrated producers of tin metal and tin based products and a global leader in custom tin smelting since 1887.

Extensive exploration works and improvements of milling/concentrator circuit and recovery operations have been undertaken since the takeover and today RHT is a sustainable and significant tin producer in Malaysia.

With the signing of the joint venture agreement with RHT in 2007, Hedd Industries maintained a close collaboration with RHT and are always ready to provide guidance and experience sharing. This company also obtains expertise in planning, identifying, exploring (exploration), development and upgrading the asset. At the same time, it also provides management services relating to business administration, commerce and industry.


Vision Green Technology Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on June 2007. The company’s main role is to implement Corporate Social Responsibility to Kuari Batu Emas Sdn Bhd. In line with efforts to improve business strategy, VGT plays a role to identify and explore mineral resources as well as potentially new areas. At this time, VGT also apply to some areas that were identified to have the potential to run tin mining activities.

Kepayang Engineering Sdn. Bhd was incorporated in May 2010. This company serve as an advisers and consultants on the problems related to the administration and organization of the industry. It also provide advises and management services related to administration business, commerce and industry.